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The Pit Workout DVD
The Pit Workout DVD
The Pit Workout....This is the original "The Pit Workout" that started it all. This Double disc DVD includes three 1 hour workouts
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The Original DVD That started it all..... "The Pit Workout"

Combine Mixed Martial Arts with proven modern day training techniques, and your result is The Pit Workout.Join world-renowned, 10th degree black belt and professional trainer John Hackleman, RN (AKA;The Pitmaster) as he leads you through three workouts that will literally kick and punch you into the best shape of your life.The Pit Workout combines old school training, attitude, power and discipline with cutting edge, scientific, result oriented techniques.

The Pit Workout is a dynamic, three-day per week workout program designed to build speed, power and endurance.Each one-hour program includes full body conditioning while targeting specific muscle groups.Be ready to work hard, sweat and have fun while building endurance, flexibility, strength, speed and power.

Pit Workout One:
Emphasizes the upper body with specialized push-ups and punch combinations.

Pit Workout Two:

Works the lower body through squats, lunges and kick combinations.

Pit Workout Three:

Combines both workouts in an intense full-body routine.

Bonus Features:

Punching & Kicking Techniques, Stretching, and Handwraps.

UPC: 730475952039
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UFC Official Fight Glove
Official UFC Fight Gloves
Customer Reviews
Customer Rating:  
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Really Upped my fitness level   08/23/10
By C. Thomason from Jonesboro, IN
Great Workout DVD, its hard work but its fun and John Hackelman adds a sense of humor to the workouts. If you like MMA and want to learn some basics to the fighting then get this DVD, it will get you in shape, make you stronger and you just feel good after each day of doing it.
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Customer Rating:  
StarStarStarStarStar  5/5
Incredible   03/24/10
By Jamie from Little Rock, AR
This workout totally transformed my body. I tried for years to drop below 190lbs through a running/sprinting program. Did all sorts of light weight lifting as well. I started this three day program and dropped down to 175 in a little less than two months. I recommend this to anyone who wants a challenging and rewarding workout. The key thing is, you have to pace yourself and only do what you can. There are probably few people starting out that can do it in its entirety. So, start off easy and add a few more reps in every day until you are doing the program.
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Customer Rating:  
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Great Novice training, entry MMA   01/26/10
By Nick from Kerman CA.
This is A great DVD for some one who wants to loose weight quick or wants to join A MMA gym but cant,It is very good strenght builder ,also I would recommend it to PRE MILITARY Recruits..............Great Job Jhon
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