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Fitness Band Wall Chart  18x24 Inches
18x24 Inches
Fitness Band Wall Chart

Full-color photos illustrate 9 of the most popluar rubber resistance exercises for resistance band training. This full size 18" x 24" thick laminate motovational wall poster is a perfect addition for any studio, club, home or garage gym.  This wall chart shows the Chest Press, High Row, Upright Row, Front Raise, Arm Curl, Reach Back, Squat, Step Up and Lunge. 

Suggested Accessories
Century Resistance Band with Door Strap
This resistance band is for fit men and women. At 1-1/2 times its length, the weight equivalence of this tube is approximately 20 pounds.
Resistance Band Door Mount
Resistance Door Mount allows you to mount your resistance band to virtually any door.